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InformNet is an accredited online high school.

InformNet courses provide students with daily instruction, assignments and evaluation through regular email and web-based interaction from a certified high school teacher. The student’s day school provides the course credit when subject requirements are met. InformNet collaborates with Manitoba high schools, students, and parents to ensure effective educational support. Over 97% of our students choose online classes to supplement their in-school course schedules.

"InformNet, originally established in 1997, remains the only virtual Grade 9-12 school in Manitoba that is fully accredited and open to all students and adult learners." Winnipeg Free Press - March 2024

Online learning is not for everyone. It is an opportunity given to students who cannot get into a course offered at their school, need a credit required for graduation or would like to try a course not offered at their home school. The day school guidance counselor and school administration have the right to limit access to online courses if there are relevant academic issues associated with the student that would hinder progress in an online environment. InformNet also provides these opportunities to independent, homeschooling, and adult learners.

Grade 12 Provincial Exams

Grade 12 students are required to write their provincial exams at their day school. These exams contribute 20% to their overall course grade. At the beginning of the semester, the day school administrators receive a list of students enrolled in the following English and French Immersion grade 12 courses: Math 40S Applied, Math 40S PreCal, Math 40S Essential, English 40S Comprehensive Focus, English 40S Literary Focus, and English 40S Transactional Focus, Français 40SX, Mathématiques au quotidien 40SX, Mathématiques pré-calcul 40SX . This helps ensure that students are signed up for the right exams. The day school administrator registers students for the provincial exams. After a student completes a provincial exam, the day school adjusts their final grade based on their performance. Students will receive information about when and where these exams will take place.
The final grades given by InformNet are out of 100 marks. Day school administrators receive both the current percentage a student has in the course and the corresponding score out of 80. Full-time grade 12 InformNet students are registered to take provincial exams through our school.

"Final responsibility for the administration and marking of the test remains with the school and/or school division in which the student is enrolled." - Pg. 13, Grade 12 Provincial Tests: Policies and Procedures.

Students are expected to follow InformNet’s Academic Honesty Policy

“Students must understand that the tests/exams they complete and the assignments they submit as evidence of learning must be their own work and that cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated." (Provincial Assessment Policy Kindergarten to Grade 12: Academic Responsibility, Honesty and Promotion/Retention) Read more

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    InformNet students may be required to participate in Learning Check-Ins.

    Learning Check-Ins are:

  • Teacher-initiated Teams meetings. Students are required to meet within 2 school days of the teacher’s request.
  • Approximately 15 minutes in length.
  • Meant to check your understanding of the material covered based on the work that you have handed in.

  • During a Learning Check-In, cameras and microphones are required to be on and you must be prepared to share your screen.
    We look forward to connecting with you and supporting your individual progress throughout your course work this year.

    Information about Academic Honesty for Students and Parents

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    Monthly Progress Reports

    Student progress reports provide a snapshot of a student's academic performance, including their login activity, assignment and assessment updates, and general themes related to their work and credit success. These reports also include the student's current course grade. Once generated, progress reports are emailed to the student, parent/guardian, and the student's day school principal.

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Support Videos

Many student have the same questions when working online. Here are some videos that can help you to get started.

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  • Course listing for 2024-25
  • For students registered at a funded MB high school, the subsidized fee for each course: $350
  • Course Handbook

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  • Contact your Manitoba high school guidance or administration team to register for an InformNet class.
  • Students who register for courses directly are charged the course fee. The InformNet administration team reviews all registrations.